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Phillip R. Smith Sr.
Alabama License # HI-0445
Certified Home Inspector
Licensed Home Inspector 
Registered Home Inspector
Accredited Home Inspector

17 years experience in installing Heating and Cooling systems and
sheet metal fabrication.

10 years Experience in Roofing

Diploma In Electricity

Member of 


Home Builders Association of Tuscaloosa

Tuscaloosa Chamber of Commerce

Tuscaloosa Association of Realtors

Bonded and Insured

 We have met and passed the Home Inspectors
Legislative Act 2002-517 of Alabama.

At Home Sweet Home Inspections we strive to bring more than a
 service to the community.  We bring our integrity, ethics, and
values to your service with every inspection we perform. 
Just to name a few of our values we:

  • Invite our client to accompany us during the inspection.
  • Operate under the principles set forth by the State of Alabama.
  • DO NOT repair or recommend anyone to do repairs, insuring our impartiality.
  • Will not reveal any contents of the inspection to anyone without your consent.
  • Will not benefit from any real estate activity on any property we have inspected.
  • Promise to inspect your home with the care and attention that you, the client, deserve.

    Let us inspect your house today, and show you how we have become the company we have.



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